Suprema Endless toilet paper: 12 MAXI endless rolls.

The Maxi format, Maxi convenience operation continues. We want the best of paper to be within everyone’s reach, and this new 12-roll pack of Suprema Endless toilet paper is yet another demonstration.

Ideal for stocking up, in families and not only, it is an incredible opportunity to secure oneself endless quality. Compact and longer than normal rolls, Suprema Endless offers unparalleled extended comfort. Conscious and sustainable production processes produce 6000 tears of softness. The pack is also in paper or in Mater-Bi, compostable bioplastic. We will never repeat enough how much we care about the environment, and animal wellbeing. That is why those who buy Suprema products support ENPA.

Choose 12 rolls of Suprema Endless toilet paper; choose luxury that is worth it…for you and the planet

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