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Suprema dresses in nature

Suprema renews itself. From today, our range of premium products is present in a new guise, able to reveal its love for nature.

The package of Kitchen towel features water. Our packs are 100% recyclable and made from 60% recycled plastic, because we want increasingly clean seas. The Toilet Paper features the image of leaves. PEFC certification guarantees that our raw material originates from forests managed sustainably and by controlled sources. Endless Toilet Paper, even longer and more compact, features an infinite sky, because we have reduced CO2 emissions in our factories by 45% since 2018.

Undoubtedly, Suprema represents not only the highest quality, comfort, softness, and resistance, but also a conscious attitude to the environment and a continuous search for sustainable solutions.

If you love luxury and care about the fate of the Planet, you simply must try the entire line.

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